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– Yes, you can be replaced on the lease. We will write up an add/remove modification and once that has been signed by all parties, you will no longer be financially responsible (the new person will now be responsible).

– You are legally bound to the lease. The only way you can break from the lease is if you find a replacement.

– Subletting is not permitted at Varsity Properties. The tenant cannot rent their apartment to other individuals without notifying and completing lease modification paperwork with management.
– You are allowed to add a person or people to the lease, but Varsity Properties must be notified. After that, we can write a modification that must be signed by everyone currently on the lease and the new lessee.
– If we find out that you are subletting your apartment and we were not notified, all parties may be subject to eviction.

– You will need to notify the office in advance (in writing) to let them know that you’re requesting an extension. If we are able to give you an extension, we will write up a lease modification that everyone on the lease will need to sign off on. If we cannot give you the extension, you will need to plan accordingly so that you are moved out on time. If you are not out on your move-out date, you could be charged with a fine.

– Once the lease modification is complete, we will add you into our online portal system. You will receive a text and email link to set up your portal account.

– A joint lease means all charges and/or damages to the unit is everyone on the lease’s responsibility. Each person on the lease has their individual portion they are responsible for, but if there are unpaid balances on the account, it is each person’s responsibility to share the balance.

– You will need to know what utilities you’re responsible for before you move in. If you do not know, you can ask us. It is also listed on your lease.
– Duke Electricity has a website that you will use to put the electric in your name
– City of Bloomington Utilities has a website that you will use to put the water in your name
– Center Point is for the gas. You will need to call them to get the gas put in your name.
– We ask that when you are putting the utilities in your name, you do so a day or two in advance so that when you move in, the utilities are turned on.

– You will not “turn them off.” Instead, you will have them switched back into our name (Varsity Properties) on your move-out date. If you do not do this, you will be held responsible for any bills that are in your name, even if you are no longer living in the unit.

– This depends on the property and location of your unit. Please call or email the office and make sure to mention the location that you are at so we can give you the correct information.

– You will need to notify us about this issue as soon as possible. This means sending us an email with your high bill attached so we can see the usage. We can then assign a maintenance tech to come out to your unit to check on things such as your thermostat, furnace, exterior unit, windows, etc.

– You will want to keep your AC at a consistent temperature throughout. Changing the temperature all the time will cause the system to have to work harder and use more energy. On hot days, make sure all windows and doors stay closed as much as possible to prevent the cool air from escaping. On cooler days in the fall, you can turn your AC off and open your windows and doors to allow the colder temperature outside to keep your unit cool.

– You are welcome to contact ATT or DirecTV to obtain service from either provider at your cost.

– If you are at a location where Varsity Properties provides your internet, then you will need to contact Consultech (812-330-7136). They service the internet; our maintenance staff does not.

– We are located right by the IU Memorial Football Stadium. Our leasing office is located in the Cedar Creek Apartment Complex. The address is 2029 N. Dunn Street, Bloomington, IN, 47408.

– It depends on the period of time that you are gone.
– If it is for winter break and all residents will be gone from the unit, you will need to notify the office to let them know so we can make sure your water is turned off to avoid any busted pipes.
– If it is during the summer months and all residents will be gone, you will also need to notify the office so we can adjust your thermostat and make sure all windows and doors are locked.
– If it is an unplanned extended absence, you should still notify the office, especially if it is an absence that causes you to be unable to pay rent. If you are comfortable doing so, explaining the situation that you’re in may help the office understand the circumstances.

– You can have a grill at the apartment, but you need to make sure that the grill is not pushed up against the siding. The heat can melt the siding and you will be responsible for the damage caused.

– Make sure that any stove tops, ovens, and grills are turned off, especially before you leave the apartment or go to bed. Also, never leave those things unattended if you are using them. Keep any flammable objects away from flames or things that get up to very high temperatures.
– In the event that a fire does occur, every unit has a fire extinguisher. Please make sure when you move in, you know where it is located. Also, notify the office if a fire has occurred at your unit, if you do not have a fire extinguisher, or if your fire extinguisher has been used and is now empty.

– Make sure that all doors and windows are locked, especially when you leave the apartment and are turning in for the night. If you have a window or door that does not lock, you can call the office and let us know or submit a maintenance request.

– Each house has assigned trash bins – If you missed taking out your trash and your bins are already full, do not put the trash in other bins. You can take trash to our neighboring complex, Stadium Crossing, where there are plenty of dumpsters. We ask that this issue does not occur often, but we understand that sometimes people forget that it’s trash pick-up day!

– The only properties that are given recycling bins (currently) are the houses in University Village. If you do not live in a house and would still like to recycle, you can take those recyclables to nearby recycling centers. Bloomington has a few recycling centers, so you’re welcome to take them to whichever one you prefer.

– When you live in a house, you are responsible for taking note of the trash pick-up day and pulling your trash bins out accordingly. In addition to that, you are also responsible for pulling the trash bins off the street after that day to avoid fines from the city.

– The office staff may have made a mistake. We have over 700 units that we own/manage, so sometimes mistakes can happen! We apologize in advance, just in case :). You can respond to the email and just ask if this was sent by accident or if it was meant to be sent.

– The Appfolio tenant portal is where you can make rent payments, view the ledger, see any charges that have been added to your account, input maintenance requests, and contact the leasing office through email or text message.

– You will set up auto payments through the tenant portal, via You can set this up at any time when you go to pay rent. You will want to make sure that auto payments are being pulled out on the 1st of each month. After auto pay is set up, it will pull the set amount of money out of your account monthly towards rent. You do not want to set up auto payment and make manual payments on top of the autopay.

– You can go to your portal to make an e-payment; you will just need your bank account number and the routing number for your bank. Typically, e-payments can be made on the 1st of each month, and will be posted to your Appfolio account. Keep in mind it may take 24-72 hours to pull from your account depending on the day it posts.

– Log into your Appfolio account. Select Pay Now, then select your payment method, Credit or e-Check. There is a convenience fee with credit/debit card payments. Set up your Autopay once the payment method has been selected for the day you want to have the payment post to your account. Reminder, rent is due by the 1st of each month.

First rent installments are due on or before August 1 (depending on your lease start date). After that, rent will be due on the 1st of each month, beginning September 1. Rent payments will need to be made on time and in full to avoid late fees. The move-in fee will be added to your account once your portal has been set up. The parking fee will also be added to your account monthly, and it will be separate from the rent charge.

– Yes, please send an email explaining the situation with your name, current unit number, and previous unit number. Our financial manager will reapply your rent to the correct unit.

– Please make sure all information you entered in the payment section is correct. We can reactivate your portal and try submitting the payment again. If this does not work, you will need to contact your bank and confirm your banking information.

– Yes, you will need to give your email and password to whoever wants to log in. They will be able to view and make payments through the portal.

– Yes, credit/debit card payments can be submitted through the online portal. We do recommend using the e-check method when paying with credit/debit card to avoid a transaction fee.

– We do not accept cash. We accept checks and money orders in the office, but you can always pay with your card through your online portal.

– You will need to email about the payment and we will ensure that it is sent to our financial manager. You’re welcome to credit the payment to your next month’s rent installment as well.

– You will need to log into your portal and click the ‘Payments’ tab. You can delete all autopayments.

– All rent payments are due on the 1st of the month. You will receive a $10 fee per day that you are late up to $70.

– We do not prorate rent. Your August payment is due before you move in, and your last installment would be July of the following year. This is based on an August to August 12-month lease.

– You are able to make individual payments through your online portal. The payment will be attached to your name, so there is no payment confusion when paying online. If you pay rent via check or money order, we will include your name to the payment so everyone on the lease is able to see who has or has not paid.

– If your rent installment is not made on or before the 1st of the month, you will receive a late fee charge. Please reach out to us before rent is due if you are having any issues with your payments.

– Yes, you can prepay rent, but it will show a credit on your account. Once the 1st of the month hits, the credit will be taken out of the balance. Please make sure that every person on the lease is paying their rent portion on the 1st to avoid any payment confusion.

– If you have any questions regarding charges on your account, you can request a breakdown of the account ledger. Our financial manager will be able to break down all charges and who is responsible for the charges.

– Any checks or money orders that are brought into our office will be applied to your account that day. If you are paying with a credit/debit card, your payment will be applied to your account that day, but you may not see it come out of your bank account if the payment is made on a Friday or weekend.

– All charges will be posted to your ‘Tenant Ledger’. If you are not able to see what the charge is for, you can call or send us an email and we can send you a breakdown of any charges you are not sure of.

– You can move in on the date that is written on your lease agreement, or any time after that, so long as the request has been made in writing. If you do move in after the lease start date, your financial responsibility will still begin on the date listed on your lease. You can request an early move-in date in writing. We will try our best to give you that date or a date close to the one requested.

– It depends on which property you live in. Some locations are only cat-friendly, some are pet-friendly (cat and dog-friendly), and some are not pet friendly. If you are moving into a property that does allow pets, we require you to fill out a pet addendum and pay the non-refundable pet fee of $350 per pet. If we find a pet in your unit that has not been registered, you will be fined $500 per pet. We do allow ESA pets on our properties, but we need the proper documentation for the ESA, in addition to the pet addendum and pet records.

– You can request to do this, but it is your responsibility to have the tenants mark the items so that they are not removed during the move-out maintenance. Smaller items such as dishes need to be placed together in one spot rather than scattered throughout different shelves and cabinets. If they are not all placed together, it makes it very hard for the maintenance staff and cleaners to determine what needs to be trashed and what doesn’t. If an item is not marked and it is thrown away, we are not liable for replacing that item.

– You will receive a link to your portal via text message and email. You will follow the steps and create a password for your account. You will then enter your email and password to log into the portal.

– No, first month’s rent must be paid in full in order to receive your keys on your move-in date, including all move-in fees.

– Once your portal is activated, you will be able to make electronic payments on your account. Your first month’s rent (August rent) will not show up as a charge on your account as it is a prepayment.

– Your first rent installment is due August 1. In most cases, your last payment is due July 1. You are required to pay August rent to receive your keys on your move-in date.

– Any disputes need to be put in writing. They can be sent to

– We just ask that all personal items are removed from the unit by your move-out date. If the inspector gets there to do the move-out inspection and sees that items were left behind, they will automatically assume that the tenants who moved out did not want those items and therefore they can be thrown away. You will also be charged for left items, so make sure you do not leave any behind.

– When you move out, the unit should be cleaned (especially bathrooms and the kitchen), all personal items should be removed, any smaller holes in the wall from nails or tv mounts should be patched, and utilities need to be switched back into Varsity Properties’ name.

– You need to discuss this with your roommates to decide if you’d like to find someone to replace you so that each of you are on the same page regarding those who are staying and those who are leaving and the updated rent rate. Either way, we will write up a partial renewal that is removing you from the lease renewal of the unit.

– Charges will be added to the account after the move-out inspection has been conducted and the invoice has been issued. Some common charges that we see during move outs include cleaning charges, wall damage, and left item charges. As agreed upon when you signed the lease, the unit is jointly responsible for these charges – they will not fall upon one tenant.
– Inspections and invoices will be shared with all tenants on the lease. Inspections will include pictures and invoices will include the reason for the charge.
– If you would like to dispute a charge, we will need you to send us an email so that we have it in writing. Your dispute will be reviewed, and a response will be given within a few days.

– If you no longer have access to the move-out invoice that we sent you, you are welcome to call or send us an email requesting that documentation.

– You will need to contact the post office and provide them with your new address. You can do a forwarding address submission with USPS in person or via their website.

You can find your move-in inspections on your online portal in the shared documents tab under inspections.

You can find your lease or any lease documents on your online portal in the shared documents tab under “shared with you.”

Move-in fees cover fees for turning your unit (cleaning/painting), your admin fee, and door lock change.

You cannot switch out the furniture from the furnished locations. You can add your personal items if you would like, we encourage each of you to set up your places like they’re yours!

If you lose your mail key simply contact or stop into the office and fill out a lost mail key form to get a new key. Mail Key replacements start at $40 per key.

If you lose your fob, you should stop into the leasing office to let us know. You will need to fill out a lost fob/replacement form. Lost key fob replacements start at $150 per fob.

Currently, residents that live at Crimson Corner, Touchdown Terrace, Lincoln Townhomes and Lincoln Tower have access to those amenity spaces.

Car towed? Find the towing sign closest to where the car is parked and contact that company. Currently, the companies are Chandler Towing or Tow Time Towing depending on the location.

Replacement parking passes can be collected in the office. Per your parking permit application there is a replacement fee for the sticker.

Guests can park anywhere that there is a VISITOR-marked parking spot. If the spot does not have VISITOR written in it. It is at risk of being towed.